"The Power Within"


Weekend Workshop
Facilitated by Ivo & Lyn

 Around March-June 2021, please enquire.

Place: Sharda Retreat Centre, Tuakau

Start time: 9:00am sharp

End Time: Between 4:00pm and 5:00pm

This is a 2 day workshop which takes you on a journey of tuning deeply within yourself, clearing any old energies which hold you back in life, and giving you the tools to stand in your strength and light, so you can claim your true power within and move forward with Strength, Power, Determination and Vision.

The workshop helps you to listen to your inner guidance and to feel confident and ready to step into the world, claim your space, and bring positive change into your life. 
By using the meditations, exercises and tools you will be given throughout the workshop, you will be helped and supported to stand more fully in your power.
You will be given a full manual with all notes and exercises of the workshop, so you can enjoy the workshop and take all the given tools home and integrate them into your life.

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This 2 day weekend workshop includes

  • Meditations: to help you calm and centre within, and clear unhealthy energies which hold you back or cause challenges or blockages in your life, including the Letting go of those unhealthy energies and clearing your chakra system.

  • Exercises: which help you to ground on Earth and be able to tune in and connect fully within yourself, spirit guides and source.

  • Being guided through the process of tuning in and creating a true vision in alignment with your Spiritual Path and Life Purpose on Earth.

  • You will receive a special clearing and healing brought through Ivo and Lyn during a group mediation session. Later on in the workshop, you will be guided through another meditation especially designed by Lyn and Ivo to stand you fully in your power and fully claim your place in the world.

  • You will be given powerful self-healing tools to take away with you, through the introduction of Jin Shin Jyutsu® exercises to help keep your whole energetic and physical systems open and flowing freely, and balance and harmonise any emotions which need dealing with in your daily life. The exercises in this session will give you the tools needed to help you maintain a higher level of overall physical health and flow in your life.

  • You will receive an introduction on how to tune into the positive healing qualities and tools of modern shamanism by being guided through a visualisation technique on how to create a special safe Spiritual place, where you can go to ,and receive spiritual guidance, messages and healing from source to help you through life.

  • You will learn how to discover and connect with your power animal guides, which can help and support you on your life path.

  • You will learn how to work with crystal energy and colour to support you on your path and you will be making your own crystal set which will help you to fully harness your True Power Within to take home with you.

  • During the workshop you will be immersed in an environment which will have been energetically set up in a safe protective way and in perfect harmony with free will and Divine will to bring through for you an entire weekend of inner healing and soul growth. The environment will be tuned in to the highest level of Divine Source and Ivo and Lyn will hold the space and maintain this connection with Source throughout the weekend, to nurture you and bring through for you, strong and powerful, healing energy to help you to connect and open to the deepest levels of your inner qualities and gifts, and bringing through your own powers of Inner strength, Divine Love, Self Worth and Inner Being so you may stand in the Power Within and shine your Divine Truth into the world. 

For enquiries, please contact contact Ivo & Lyn:

Mobile: 027-2169369

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

What other workshop participants have said about this workshop

"Having done very little meditation previously I stepped into the weekend unsure of what to expect. Yet, it was more than I could ever ask for. I left feeling empowered, grounded in strength and ready to live my vision. A magic had returned that had slipped out of my life. Lyn and Ivo create such a welcoming, peaceful space. I am very thankful for their willingness to share their vast knowledge with others and in raising our vibrations. Ever Thankful." - Vanessa G.

"I learned so much on the Power Within Workshop with Ivo and Lyn. They have so much knowledge and are so happy to share it with others. They are so very humble about their gifts and very encouraging of others to develop their own gifts and bring them into their everyday lives. Each aspect of the workshop was very informative and in depth. I felt like I learned a lot about many different modalities. And also felt confident with the tools I was given to continue my practice following the workshop. Thank you so much for your time, energy and love!!" - Laura C.

"This was truly an exceptional experience working with Ivo and Lyn through the weekend, it was a lot to take in but a great introduction and collaboration of all the services they offer. I am definitely recommending this workshop to anyone wanting to raise their vibration." - Hazel G.


"Ivo & Lyn were great accommodators and teachers. Met some absolutely beautiful souls, had some great laughs which is just what I needed. I really loved the meditations especially the grounding one, they’re all extremely powerful.
15/10 would recommend the Power Within. I loved it."  - Yenna R.

"Over all I thought this workshop was excellent. It was empowering for me and the passion Ivo and Lyn both showed with their teaching was inspiring. The content very interesting and being backed up with a manual/handouts is excellent to refer to and will help keep me on track. The group was a perfect number, not too big or too little." - Janice H.