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Love Owls Power Animal Statue - Hand carved
  • Love Owls Power Animal Statue - Hand carved
  • Love Owls Power Animal Statue - Hand carved
  • Love Owls Power Animal Statue - Hand carved
  • Love Owls Power Animal Statue - Hand carved
  • Love Owls Power Animal Statue - Hand carved

Love Owls Power Animal Statue - Hand carved

Reference: SWO-2OWL-X

This a beautiful hand-carved, 20 cm tall, pair of wooden owls.
This is a perfect size to sit in any room such as the lounge, Bedroom, office or conservatory or as a center piece in a wall unit. These 2 Love Owls would be great to place in a couple`s new home to bring Love and Nurturing support for their relationship into the home. 
Be quick, Stock is Limited. 

The special energy these 2 owls bring into your home extra to what the other owls bring is Love and Compassion. These Owls work together to channel the highest vibrations of Divine Love from Source and flow the beautiful energy of the Divine through your home or whatever space you choose to place the owls in. Divine Love is deep and true and completely unconditional and this high source energy can help to bring and deepen beautiful connections to any form of relationship whether it be a life partner, friends or family. The energies of these two cute owls will open the flow of Love and loving connections and help relationships to flourish and grow. These 2 owls also bring strong healing energy to help with Self Love, Confidence and to see the beauty and light in one`s self. If placed by your bed the owls will help you to access healing while you sleep to open to the true Divine being you are and to help you to see your own soul light as it shines through you. 
 The energy of the wooden owl in general, brings wisdom and protection into the home. Owl quietly watches over you holding and protecting your space and keeping out lower energy vibrations. Owl helps to tone down confrontational energy in the home and helps to maintain a calm peaceful environment. Owl helps to deepen your connection with nature, which in turn opens a link to the higher energies and higher wisdom of Source. Through the power animal of the owl and the open connection Owl brings through from Source, true and deep messages, guidance and energetic support can be received from all who come around it. 
Owl stands guard and brings protection around whoever feels drawn to or connects with the animal. Owl energy can also be helpful in a bedroom to help those in the bedroom to feel safe and protected when they sleep. Owls calming energy can help someone to go into a deeper sleep and to be able to sleep soundly through the night. This larger owl would be a great friend for a child to have in their room to keep them company and to help look after and protect them. 

On a deeper personal level, Owl watches and observes and helps you to see the truth and reality of a situation through the eyes of deeper wisdom and without emotional judgement.
It is through the inner wisdom of owl that you are able to then make informed positive choices and decisions with your life. 

Because the Love Owls are hand carved they may differ slightly from the picture in colour and/or expression but the energy which comes through each ornament has the same power and brings the same qualities as listed below. Any ornaments with large differences to the pictures above or energies they bring through will be listed separately. See our other listings. 

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Dimensions (approx.):
Height 20 cm, Width: 18cm
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Country of origin:
Sustainable Wood
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