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Selenite Heart Candle Holder
  • Selenite Heart Candle Holder
  • Selenite Heart Candle Holder
  • Selenite Heart Candle Holder

Selenite Heart Candle Holder

Reference: SEL-CAN-HEART-X

The soft warm glow of the candle as it shines through the Selenite is romantic and soothing and helps set the tone of a room as being a safe peaceful place to be.

Selenite creates an open link to Source allowing pure Source energy to flow through and fill the space around it. The flame of the candle acts as an amplifier and amplifies the energies and qualities of crystals near it. Lighting a candle near Selenite will strengthen the connection to Source and allow Source energy to flow more strongly into the room or space it is in.
Bringing in the heart quality to this brings in another level of high energy and connects specifically with the Divine Love of Source and focuses bringing that Divine Love through into the space. The combined energies and vibrations which come through for this candle holder when in use will raise the whole vibration of the room and flood the room with a Loving, Calm, Relaxing energy and hold that space. This is great for resting in after a long hard day and helps to calm and quieten the mind and body. This candle holder will bring a new ambience around you when meditating and create a reflective, nurturing place for you to sit and explore the depths of your inner being.

Candles are used widely with crystals, because the light of the flame connects directly with Source and activates the crystals and amplifies the healing qualities they bring through.
For safety reasons candle holders are highly recommended to be used for candles at all times.

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Dimensions (approx.):
10 cm x 8.5 cm x 4 cm
Comes with:
- Small candle.
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