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Owl 19cm - Hand Carved
  • Owl 19cm - Hand Carved
  • Owl 19cm - Hand Carved
  • Owl 19cm - Hand Carved
  • Owl 19cm - Hand Carved

Wooden Owl 19cm - Hand Carved

Reference: SWO-OWL-19CM

This a beautiful hand-carved, 19 cm tall, wooden Owl power animal statue. This smaller owl comes with an extra additional purpose to the benefits of the other owls listed in the shop. It brings through an extra special vibration and  energy which deeply and powerfully supports someone who has just received a Shamanic Healing. The energy of this specific owl helps you to integrate your healing fully and more deeply in a shorter time than usual integration. The energy of this owl will connect you strongly to the healing you have just received and will help the healing energies to continue to work with you over a longer period of time so you can maximise fully all the benefits the healing brought through for you. This owl is also perfect for grounding not only your healing but also grounding generally in every day life. Because of the extra healing power of this particular Owl it could also help to bring powerful support and protection through for someone facing illness of any form or someone who is recovering from other forms of healing such as after an operation or undergoing rehabilitation. The owl will help to support the journey of that person in the highest way possible in harmony with Divine Plan and can help make the journey easier and more comfortable for them and those involved.  
The 19cm tall owl  is a perfect size to sit anywhere in your home and it particularly effective energetically if you p0lace it on your bedside table at night to help you to process and integrate the day and help to support deep restful sleep. It also looks amazing on a coffee table or any other space in the home or at work  such as in your, office or conservatory or as a feature on a wall unit or in a display cabinet. Even though this owl is smaller than the other owl listed it`s energy is still just as deep and powerful and works with all the same qualities and energies of the larger owl as listed below. 
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The energy of the wooden owl  brings wisdom and protection into the home. Owl quietly watches over you holding and protecting your space and keeping out lower energy vibrations. Owl helps to tone down confrontational energy in the home and helps to maintain a calm peaceful environment. Owl helps to deepen your connection with nature, which in turn opens a link to the higher energies and higher wisdom of Source. Through the power animal of the owl and the open connection Owl brings through from Source, true and deep messages, guidance and energetic support can be received from all who come around it. 

Owl stands guard and brings protection around whoever feels drawn to or connects with the animal. Owl energy can also be helpful in a bedroom to help those in the bedroom to feel safe and protected when they sleep. Owls calming energy can help someone to go into a deeper sleep and to be able to sleep soundly through the night. This larger owl would be a great friend for a child to have in their room to keep them company and to help look after and protect them. 

On a deeper personal level, Owl watches and observes and helps you to see the truth and reality of a situation through the eyes of deeper wisdom and without emotional judgement.

It is through the inner wisdom of owl that you are able to then make informed positive choices and decisions with your life. 

Standing Owl 19cm Tall by 8cm wide. Brings Grounding, Wisdom, and Higher Protection into the home or office. This particular owl also tunes in very powerfully to bring extra support for those who have received a shamanic healing or to support someone through a time of illness where extra strength and protection is needed. The owl brings calming energy into the home or work place and helps to keep things flowing in a peaceful settled manner and brings deep guidance and Divine wisdom into any situation. 

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19CM X 8CM
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Sustainable Wood
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