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Crystal Sets

These crystal sets have been made for specific healing purposes as labelled in their titles. They can be used on their own or to further support a healing or service you have received, for example a Shamanic Healing or Rainbow Card Reading (please note that we do not recommend to use these sets to replace any medical form of treatment. But we do recommend them as being very effective in supporting your healing process).
The crystals for these sets are selected and combined to bring their individual qualities through and create the right group energy for the chosen purpose.
The sets are created by tuning in to Source and allowing the Source energy to flow through the range of crystals so each particular crystal for that set can show itself. This allows the best possible combination of crystals to work together to help you with the purpose of the crystal set. We found that for every individual set made, only one of each type of crystal showed itself to be part of that set. Therefore every set is unique in its own way. We believe that each set has already chosen its owner and that Divine energy will connect the owner with that particular set. The selection process of the crystals within each set has been done with the highest respect for, and acknowledgement of each crystal and its individual qualities.
Each set comes with a downloadable pdf file with instructions on how to use and set up and use the crystals in the most effective way. The manual also describes the qualities each crystal brings within the set and how they work together.

Healing & Meditation Sets of Crystals - special combination of crystals for several subjects.

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