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New Earth Shamanic Healing with Ivo & Lyn

New Earth Shamanic Healing is our new, updated and our most powerful form of Shamanic Healing, which is brought through in harmony with the higher vibration of the New Earth. The Healing comes in through Ivo and Lyn simultaneously with a perfect balance of Masculine and Feminine energy, directly from Source.
During this unique way of shamanic healing, Ivo & Lyn each bring through their own individual healing gifts and qualities to be combined in this healing, which makes this healing much more powerful on a wider scale.
The New Earth type of Shamanic Healing is also great for healing on children.
This healing is available remotely, worldwide for all time zones, and also in person at our clinic in Tuakau. The healing session takes 4-5 hours and consists of the following three parts:

Shamanic 'New Earth' Healing


You (the client) email to us, an explanation of all the aspects and areas that you are conscious of which have drawn you to having the healing. This is required to be done as soon as possible after your session has been booked and confirmed, because we only have limited time slots available to create your final intention before the day of your session.
Lyn then uses her clairvoyant gifts for approximately 3-4 hours to tune in to Source directly and gain deeper insights as to what healing is ready to come through specifically for those issues as well as any other areas which are ready for you to be cleared, which you may or may not be already consciously aware of. From all the gathered information, the intention is then created for your healing.


On the day of your appointment, Ivo & Lyn will call you at the start of your session. They will spend about 1 hour going over the intention created for you and make any last minute adjustments. A connection is then made between you, your intention and the Highest Source Realm. This allows the highest form of Protection and Light to come through, forming an open and safe, nurturing space for the healing to come through in. This part of the healing generally also helps to increase your awareness regarding what needs clearing and how blockages have been created in your life, which helps for the healing to come through on a deeper level.
For clients who live in other time zones and for clients who prefer to have a quicker session on the day of the healing, we are also able to do this part by email on the day before your session.
The Shamanic Healing itself takes approximately 1½ – 2 hours, during which Ivo and Lyn work together simultaneously to bring your healing through. All you need to do during the healing is make yourself comfortable and rest while the healing is brought through for you. You may fall asleep during the healing. That is fine.


What has come through during the Shamanic ‘New Earth’ Healing, is shared with you after the healing, including any Spiritual Gifts, Messages and Guidance. While you have lunch, Ivo & Lyn will simultaneously record the sharing for you. The total length of the recordings of the sharing is generally about 1½ hours. You will be emailed a copy of the recording in MP4 format approximately one hour after the healing has been completed. It is recommended to listen to the sharing within 24 hours after the healing.
The listening to the outcome of the healing is like listening to a meditation in which you hear about the beautiful gifts, power animals and / or guides that have come in to help you on your journey. Listening to a recording also gives you the ability to pause when you need more time to take part of the healing in on the mental and emotional level. Another benefit of listening to a recorded sharing is that it allows you to not have your rest interrupted directly after the healing as it is very likely that you fall asleep during the healing and would like to rest a bit longer before listening to the sharing.

Integrating Your Healing

The Healing takes up to 3 days to integrate fully through all levels of the Etheric, Physical and Soul bodies. During these days it is recommended to plan as much rest time as possible around what you usually do.
After the healing you will receive an email with more information on how you can best support the integration of your healing over the following 3 days. The most important parts of this information will also be explained to you after the sharing at the end of your session.
This healing is very powerful. Please do not underestimate the importance of integration.

Additional Information

The healing has unlimited and life changing potential.
The Healing can only bring through what you are ready for, and what you can handle at the time, so sometimes deeply traumatic or major issues may require another layer of healing at a later time to clear them completely.
Also if the issues are fully cleared they could allow other aspects of healing on a different vibration to come up as part of your next stage of soul learning and soul growth.

Usually only one session is needed for your healing.
You will feel drawn to or guided if or when further healing is needed. It is always recommended to follow your own inner guidance. A Shamanic ‘New Earth’ healing every 6 months is recommended for your ongoing spiritual growth.

Information For Overseas Clients

We are able to adapt the session according to your time zone. For example the tuned in intention for your healing can be discussed the day before the healing or be emailed instead of discussed by phone or Skype. It is best to fill in the booking form and we will contact you to work out a custom designed schedule for you. This option is also available on request for clients who don’t have from 9am – 1pm available for the session. You can add an additional comment in the booking form to request this.

Shamanic Healing with Ivo and Lyn

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Your New Earth Shamanic Healing Session

Below is a simple flow chart to explain the previous information in simple steps:

Request a booking

You fill in our online booking request form, so we know your preferences and can get back to you with available dates.

Available dates

You will receive an email with the first available dates on the days of your preference. We will also inform you if a much earlier date is available on a different day.

Select a date

You reply to our email with the available date you prefer.

Booking confirmation

Once we have received your preferred date for the healing, you will receive a confirmation email with booking details and detailed information about your session, including instructions to write the initial intention for your healing, letting us know what you would like healing for.

Send us your intention

We have limited time slots available to create the final intention for your healing. Therefore we request you send your intention within 3 days after having your booking confirmed.

Creating the final intention for your session

Lyn will tune in to your emailed intention to create the final intention for the healing.

Your preparation for the session

The day before or on the morning of your session, you read the preparation information to help you understand Shamanic Healing and the terminology we may use during your session.

On the day of your session

We will ring you to share and finalise the intention with you. This usually takes approximately 1 hour. After this, we will end the conversation and start bringing the healing through.

Receiving the healing

While we bring the healing through, you rest in your own space to receive the healing. This usually takes around 2 hours.

Sharing the outcome

After the healing we will send you a text to let you know that the healing has finished. While you rest a bit longer and have a good grounding lunch, Ivo & Lyn will record the sharing of what has come through during your healing. This usually takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. After recording the sharing, Ivo & Lyn’s recordings will be sent to you by email, together with the integration instructions.

Integrating your healing

After you have received the integration email with the recordings of the sharing, you can listen to the sharing at your own leisure. It is recommended to listen to the recordings of the sharing before the end of the next day after after the healing. The integration email includes information on what to do to integrate the healing properly over the next 3 days and how to replace any remaining old habits with new positive ways of being, so you can keep moving forwards in your new higher vibration.

Prices & Booking

Remote New Earth Shamanic Healing with Ivo & Lyn: $285
In person New Earth Shamanic Healing with Ivo & Lyn: $385

New Earth Shamanic Healing & Reading Package Deal

Add a Remote Rainbow Card Reading for $100 (Save $25)

Make A Booking

Prices are in NZD.
Payment plans are available on request.
Payments can be made by bank transfer.
Overseas clients can pay by credit card through our encrypted secure payment gateway.


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