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Shamanic House & Land Clearing / Earth Healing

Ivo and Lyn work together as a team in the higher vibration of the New Earth to bring through earth healing to clear the energies of house and land. This ensures the healing always comes through in perfect balance and in harmony with the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and Higher Divine Source.
Ivo and Lyn bring the healing through with respect for all involved, and approach all with love, respect and understanding. With this approach, there is always cooperation and support to restore balance, peace & harmony.

House and Land Healing and Clearing

House and Land Clearing

The house & land clearing is brought through shamanically and involves:

House clearing

House clearing helps to clear the house from lost souls and entities (spirits).
A lost soul is the soul of a person, which hasn’t gone to the light when it passed over, which often happens after suicide, but there can also be unresolved business that stopped the soul from going to the light. These souls need help to leave the earth and go into the light. This needs to be done with love & compassion. The soul often plays up in the house because it doesn’t understand why you are in his/her house or if they do understand that they are lost, they do anything to get their attention to get help. Often there is also a fear of punishment when they go to the light. Therefore understanding, communication, guidance and loving support is needed to resolve this.
Entities are created by negative expressions of human beings for example by fights and arguments in the house. The fights and arguments create an accumulation of energy that gets so magnified and concentrated that it becomes a conscious energy and because it is made out of anger, it then only wants to express anger. Entities tend to jump from one person to another to feed negativity so people react more towards each other and more fights are created.
Both, the entities and the lost souls, can also possess people. This means that they can come into a person and live with them in the same body. However, this is only possible if the person is not fully present in their own body, for example by using drugs or by taking anti-depressants.
Drugs and over-use of alcohol also tend to create portals to realms where the lower vibrations and beings reside, therefore the energy in homes where drugs and alcohol have been used often feel dense and tiring.
The energies of what happened in the house throughout its history can also accumulate on the walls and in the internal structure. This can all be cleared during a house and land clearing.

Land Clearing & Healing

The trauma of the land, created by wars and bloodshed in history, but also by happenings like rape and murder, can cause the presence of dense energies and lost souls and entities in a house. This often affects the wider area. This energy has a quite tiring nature and can even affect your appetite. Nightmares and feeling unsafe and/or drained of energy is quite common. Therefore these areas quite often (not always) have poorly maintained houses and/or gardens. Also these areas tend to attract denser energies. For example more accidents happen in that area or more animals are killed on the road. According to universal law, like attracts like, therefore there is a higher chance of fights, disturbances in the neighbourhood, burglaries, rape, etc. in these areas.
Requested house clearings often end up in quite massive healing for the wider area, if the dense energies are caused by the trauma in the land.

According to our experiences, earth healing is never done because we planned it. It is always initiated by requests for house clearings or personal healings. Earth healing always has its own timing and because it involves a wider area and affects all people living in that area, it always happens at the right moment, when all are ready for the change. When the time is right and the healing is done with the right intent, there is always only support and cooperation to restore peace, love & harmony for the land, the properties and for the people.
Ivo and Lyn always work with love and compassion for all involved and they make sure that everything is done in harmony with free will, Divine Will and for the highest good of all.

“As we were starting a new chapter on our farm we wanted to start with clean clear energy on the property, particularly with the history of trauma on the land. I can’t thank Lyn and Ivo enough for their incredible ability to see what the land has endured and how to bring in the healing. It was absolutely fascinating and a beautiful process. I have since experienced the blessings of our lands Higher Guardian when called upon to help. Thank you Lyn and Ivo for your kindness and sharing your knowledge and gifts. If you have a sense that you might need clearing/ healing for your home or property, trust that sense. I would highly recommend it!!” – Vanessa G.

Prices & Booking

House & Land Clearing with Ivo & Lyn: $200

(Travel costs will apply if you prefer us to visit your property)

This service is usually done remotely and is available for clients worldwide.

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Prices are in NZD.
Payment plans are available on request.
Payments can be made by bank transfer.
Overseas clients can pay by credit card through our online crystal shop.

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