Shamanic Healing With Ivo

A Modern Shamanic Healing session with Ivo includes his guidance and sharing of wisdom and experiences to help you, where necessary, to shift your awareness and understanding regarding blockages within you and your life, to allow for a deep healing to take place, expand the intentions for your healing and change certain patterns in your life.

The starting time of the session is 9:00am.
The whole session takes approximately 4-5 hours and may occasionally take longer.
This healing can be done remotely (worldwide) or in person and consists of the following parts:


1. Setting The Intention

During the first approx. two hours, Ivo will assist you to create clear intentions for your healing to maximize the potential and the depth of the healing. During these two hours Ivo may also share experiences and insights to help you gain more understanding in the patterns and perceptions that may have caused blockages within you and your life.
The intention of the healing always includes that the healing is done in harmony with your free will, Divine Will and for the highest good of all. This ensures that the healing is done in alignment with your Soul journey and Soul learning.
For remote healing sessions this part is done by phone or Skype.


2. The Healing

During the shamanic healing (approx. two hours), you remain clothed and lay face- up on a cushioned surface and you are invited to rest and relax. You may fall asleep during this time. That is fine.
There is no hands-on (touch) during the healing, because the healing is done on the spiritual counterpart of yourself, your so called 'spirit self', and from there it will integrate fully through all levels of the Etheric, Physical and Soul bodies.
During a remote healing session, you will be invited to make yourself comfortable and rest at home while the healing is brought through for you.


3. The Sharing

At the end of the healing session, Ivo will share in a compassionate way what has come through for you during the healing.
If the healing is done remotely, you will be called by phone for this part of the session after the healing.
The sharing is recorded and you will be emailed a copy of the recording in MP4 format.
The sharing usually takes about 45 minutes and includes an explanation on how to integrate your healing.


Additional information

The healing takes 2 to 3 days to integrate fully through all levels of the Etheric, Physical and Soul bodies. During these days it is recommended to plan as much rest time as possible around what you usually do.
After the healing you will receive an email with more information on how you can best support the integration of your healing over the following 3 days.
This healing has unlimited and life changing potential.
Even though there is usually no direct follow-up session necessary, it is important to understand that a healing can only bring through what you can handle at the time so sometimes deeply traumatic or major issues may require another layer of healing at a later time to clear them completely. Also if the issues are fully cleared they could allow other aspects of healing on a different vibration to come up as part of your next stage of soul learning and soul growth. You will feel drawn to or guided if or when further healing is needed. It is always recommended to follow your own inner guidance.
A shamanic healing every 6 months can be very helpful for your ongoing spiritual growth.


Example of the approximate time schedule for the session:

The session preferably starts at 9 am. Please let us know if you prefer a slightly earlier or later start time.
9:00 am: Creating the intentions for your healing (approx. 2 hours). For remote sessions this part is done by phone or Skype.
11:15 - 11:45 am: Lunch break (30 minutes).
11:45 - 01:45 pm: Rest while you receive the shamanic healing (approx 1¾ - 2¼ hours).
01:45 - 02:30 pm: Sharing the outcome of the healing + Explanation about the integration of your healing. For remote sessions this part is done by phone.
Please schedule the healing in your agenda from 9am until 4pm to allow for extra time, especially if you are booking your first shamanic healing session.


Shamanic Healing with Ivo


Remote Shamanic Healing with Ivo: $200
In Person Shamanic Healing with Ivo: $230
Add a Remote Rainbow Card Reading for $60 ($20 off)

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Prices are in NZD.
Payment plans are available on request.
Payments can be made by bank transfer.
Overseas clients can pay by credit card through our online crystal shop.




"Having my background as a professional classical homeopath and shamanic practitioner I can only have the highest praise for Ivo Nieling. I have enjoyed and have benefitted from his treatment. Is it not amazing that his previous work as a trouble shooter in production lines has now extended to being a very thorough shamanic practitioner who does not rest till he has found the cause of the problem! The proof is in the pudding so find out for yourself and enjoy shamanic work at the highest level!"
- Robert van der Touw, Kerikeri


"I received a Shamanic Healing from Ivo. The best part of the treatment was being with someone compassionate and non-judgmental to go into the roots of my problems. I guess before one can progress in healing oneself, there has to be a knowledge of oneself from another person's perspective. I am thankful for Ivo's patience, kindness and perseverance in pulling down my defences gently and trying to get into the roots of my personal problems. For me, the main parts of the journey were (1) all the talking with Ivo, which enabled me to realize my weaknesses and my strengths and how these were affecting people around me and (2) Ivo listing all these aspects of my personality and turning my problems into intentions for the healing and clear them from their source. I am grateful for Ivo's kindness and compassion."
- A.R, Wellington.


"I would fully recommend a Shamanic Healing with Ivo Nieling. After booking my healing with him I arrived with a long list of notes about things I felt were wrong in my life and aspects of myself that I wanted to change. Once I began talking with Ivo, it quickly became clear that my list was really just the superficial stuff and we needed to delve down into what was behind it all and what the healing could address on a soul level. I found this in itself a fascinating and revealing process. After the healing, Ivo relayed the various messages he’d received. Many of the messages related to my ancestry and things that had gone before me, leading me to where I was today which was absolutely fascinating. We also discussed the gifts that came up during the healing and Ivo explained how to integrate these in the coming days. I left feeling incredibly enlightened and relaxed and over the next few weeks experienced a number of things, that would normally happen a certain way, happening differently. The dynamics in some key family relationships changed and I experienced a sense of healing and resolution with one relationship in particular. Ivo acts with complete integrity and is very sensitive to the needs of the person he’s working with. I believe he has a rare skill and his shamanic healings are a unique and valuable experience." - J. from Tauranga


"I was so impressed with my Shamanic Healing session with Ivo that I took my teenage son to see Ivo for a healing. My son found Ivo easy to speak with and my son was so relaxed during the process that he fell asleep. Afterwards we saw a number of changes in his behaviour, including how he handled situations that would have previously been challenging for him. Several months later Ivo performed a long distance healing on my younger son. He also fell into a deep sleep during his healing and came out the other side displaying some different behaviours to usual and seemed a lot more at peace.
Ivo acts with complete integrity and is very sensitive to the needs of the person he’s working with. I believe he has a rare skill and his shamanic healings are a unique and valuable experience. " - J. from Tauranga


"I cannot thank Ivo enough for the Shamanic Healing. After only one session, my bowels are moving properly again after 22 years. My anxiety totally vanished and after the healing I was able to get off my 20 mg anti-depressants medication and I still feel good and positive. Besides the physical benefits, also miraculous changes happened in my life after the healing. It was as if everything started flowing and unfolding again. This is truly a Miracle."
- Malik, Auckland


"I have just recently received a life changing Shamanic Healing with Ivo Nieling.
Ivo comes from a place deep within his soul that is truly remarkable; he is compassionate, respectful, professional & is committed to his passion as a Shamanic Healer. The healing I received has been a miracle for me & has totally restored & connected all of me to my soul on a deep rich level. No other has been able to heal & free me from so much in this powerful & effective way. I feel that a huge shift has taken place & there are no words to describe the peace & contentment that I feel. I am so glad that I invested in my Shamanic Healing with Ivo.
I would highly recommend this form of healing." - Jennifer


"Robert and I had a Shamanic Healing with Ivo Nieling. After the healing, we felt completely shifted and rearranged. From "setting the Intention" to the "Intuitive Downloads" to the "Healing and Clearing work", many of our core emotional patterns were released from our body and cells. We felt clearer, lighter and more self-confident. We felt safe in Ivo's care. His approach was compassionate, attentive, detailed and insightful. We have done a lot of counselling and emotional release work over the past 30 years and feel Ivo's Shamanic journey work has been the most effective and powerful.
We would highly recommend Ivo's sessions to our clients and friends. His work is penetrative and clears blockages from the cellular, emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies. He is a master at his craft!" - Shari Rhodes & Robert Newby


"I had a shamanic healing and rainbow card reading done a couple of days later. I found both Ivo and Lyn very professional knowledgeable and sincere. The shamanic healing covered alot of ground and I was surprisingly happy with how easy it was. Since the healing I was faced with a situation that would normally of severely bothered me but I knew the energy of that deep seated wound had been dealt with thru the healing and it proved to be true as all I had was a softness towards the situation which before was strong anger and hurt. I also found that Ivo was able to connect to re past lives were so accurate and since been able to integrate the findings with ease. It brought a new peace to my life. Lyn's reading was so accurate and blessed me hugely. More than she will ever know. It has given me guidance for my now, which has helped hugely given I was having a rather rough time. It gave me insight to my future and so much hope and lots n lots of insight into what would help me. I am so pleased i went ahead with both the healing and reading and know without a shadow of doubt it was the best thing i could have done for my souls journey. I would highly recommend to anyone that is feeling this could be for them, to do it!!!! They are a very gifted couple and I wish them well." - Caroline J.


"From the moment I met Ivo for my day of shamanic healing I felt a sense of comfort and ease. He held a beautiful space throughout the day, thoroughly listening and helping me to set my intentions for the healing. Having many healings before in different modalities, I can say Ivo's shamanic healing is powerful, gentle and nurturing at the same time, deep and very thorough. I enjoyed the end part of the day listening to Ivo explain to me what went on within my healing. It has been nearly one week since my healing and I feel so very different in such a positive way. My sleepless nights have gone, anxiety and lack of self love. I feel so much stronger, clearer and calmer on every level. Thank you Ivo, I definitely recommend his services, it has been life changing.
" - Hayley S.


"I recently had a healing session with Ivo. The session was very detailed and comprehensive. Ivo was gracious enough to spend more time with me to ensure all matters were addressed throughout the process. Ivo responded to my intial enquiry promptly and provided a detailed outline of the process which included pre, during and post healing session. I personally gained a lot from the session. I now feel spiritually and mentally unencumbered. I am very grateful for Ivo's help and would highly recommend his gift for healing." - Georgina


"I had an amazing experience with Ivo as he done a remote shamanic healing for me, I was a bit nervous as I have never had a healing before however, Ivo was very informative and friendly and put me right at ease through the whole experience. I learned and remembered so much about myself, so many confirmations and realizations. I highly recommend this experience with Ivo to anyone looking to go deeper within themselves and their healing or truth seeking." - D. S.


"Earlier this week I had Ivo's shamanic healing and Lyn's rainbow reading. I would most definitely recommend them both. All week I have been receiving all sorts of gifts from the healing. During the session I felt the energy shifting. I feel more aligned. I feel my true self appearing more and more every day. Ivo has strong passion and is very gifted.
The rainbow reading also was a huge help for me . Lyn is a very intuitive woman. The reading helped my vision and future become more clear. I am so happy I followed my instincts and went ahead with this. Very grateful!" - Tala N.


"Nearly a month ago I had a healing session with Ivo and a reading with Lyn. After my healing I felt noticeably clearer and lighter and I still feel that way several weeks later. Physically, I have also noticed my enlarged thyroid has decreased a bit in size too. I definitely feel like a LOT of 'stuff' was cleared. I was blown away actually - almost can't put it into words. I have had many healing sessions over the years with many different people but nothing quite as insightful or as thorough as this. I would absolutely recommend a healing to anyone wanting to clear the root cause of any issues they might be experiencing. The Rainbow reading was the icing on the cake. Thank you both. Very wonderful and gifted people." - Lynley B.

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