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Shamanic and ‘New Earth’ Healing Reviews

Shamanic 'New Earth' Healing Reviews

“I had the remote shamanic ‘New Earth’ healing – by far the most profound spiritual and energetic experience of my entire life. Both Lyn & Ivo were so kind, so heartfelt, so helpful, so humble, so gifted. All that I experienced, all that came through for me was just incredible and I will forever be grateful for their healing and gifts. Thank you Lyn & Ivo!”
– Kelly S.

“If you are looking for a positive soul healing experience, I would suggest you stop your search and make an appointment with Ivo & Lyn. Changed my & my partners life for the better.
Highly recommended for those ready to take the journey.”
– Sharon E.

“I had my first New Earth shamanic healing with Lyn and Ivo about three weeks ago and what a wonderful experience it was. Together they bring answers, insight and guidance. The situation I was going through was explained and healed, as a result I feel lighter and stronger for understanding the deeper meaning and confident with my future. Lyn and Ivo are an absolute power house, I totally recommend them.”
– Diamond G.

“Would (and have) recommended Lyn & Ivo to everyone I know, I received a remote shamanic healing from them both and I can physically, emotionally and energetically feel the difference. Immediately after my healing session I could feel all energy blockages removed from my chakra system that were manifesting as physical ailments so all physical pain I had previously dissolved. I feel more grounded and free, and I now know how to tune into my inner guidance as well as the guidance from my light team so I can further my souls progression on my souls divine journey. Very grateful for their work!”
– Yenna R.

“The Shamanic Healing with both Lyn and Ivo was incredible – To receive both of their energies/insights during this was extremely special and profound. About 1-2 weeks after the session, the pain I was continuously feeling (lower abdomen pain and left breast pain) has completely dissipated. YAY! No pain anywhere now at all. Absolutely amazing. As I said, no words can fully explain what has opened up, shifted, raised, transcended… etc etc… Since committing to the healing. Josh and I are both deeply grateful for what has come during and since our sessions.”
– Melle & Josh

“I have no words to describe the gifts and insights Ivo & Lyn gave to me during my remote shamanic healing session. It has only been a few weeks since that healing and I am already feeling the profound shifts within me and my life. They are out of this world incredible humans, what they charge is a fraction of the worth of what they give their clients! A true act of selfless service for humanity. I have so much love for them both and I highly encourage you to have an experience with them if you feel called to. Your life will be forever changed for the better.”
– Laura C.

“After only one session, my bowels are moving properly again after 22 years. My anxiety totally vanished and after the healing I was able to get off my 20 mg anti-depressants medication and I still feel good and positive. Besides the physical benefits, also miraculous changes happened in my life after the healing. It was as if everything started flowing and unfolding again. This is truly a Miracle.”
– Malik

“Having my background as a professional classical homeopath and shamanic practitioner I can only have the highest praise for Ivo Nieling. I have enjoyed and have benefitted from his treatment. Is it not amazing that his previous work as a trouble shooter in production lines has now extended to being a very thorough shamanic practitioner who does not rest till he has found the cause of the problem! The proof is in the pudding so find out for yourself and enjoy shamanic work at the highest level!”
– Robert vd T.

“Lyn and Ivo are absolutely amazing people and their work helps so many people! Their healings offer understanding and guidance to any situation in your life. They also do payment plans which just shows they care about you rather than your money. Thanks for another insightful healing.”
– Karly L.

Shamanic Healing & Reading Package Reviews

Shamanic Healing and Reading Package Reviews

“My experience with Ivo & Lyn, was utterly amazing. I felt comfortable with my healing, the whole experience was real! I left feeling awoken and new. My reading with Lyn a couple of weeks later, caught me by surprise. She explained in detail what I was experiencing within me, and also what I was trying to accomplish in my life for me and my family. Its been 6weeks since my healing, and I feel really positive and healthy. Total beautiful couple, I think the 2 gifted people in one experience is awesome and I highly recommend the experience with them to anyone who is wanting a similar experience.”
-Tracey-Rose P.

“I have now had a few healings with Ivo & Lyn and I am truly grateful for everything they do, the time, energy and love they dedicate to the healing is nothing like I have had before. I don’t know where I would be without this healing. It has been such a huge huge part in my journey and transformations I have shifted through in the last few years. Every time it is completely different but aligns so well with what is going on in my life. The support for every area of my life is incredible. Thank you for been the light. Highly recommend the healing with both Ivo & Lyn and the reading.”
– Kirsten J.

“I had a shamanic healing and rainbow card reading done a couple of days later. I found both Ivo and Lyn very professional knowledgeable and sincere. The shamanic healing covered a lot of ground and I was surprisingly happy with how easy it was. Since the healing I was faced with a situation that would normally of severely bothered me but I knew the energy of that deep seated wound had been dealt with thru the healing and it proved to be true as all I had was a softness towards the situation which before was strong anger and hurt. The healing brought a new peace to my life. Lyn’s reading was so accurate and blessed me hugely. more than she will ever know. It has given me guidance for my now, which has helped hugely given I was having a rather rough time. It gave me insight to my future and so much hope and lots n lots of insight into what would help me. I am so pleased I went ahead with both the healing and reading and know without a shadow of doubt it was the best thing I could have done for my souls journey. I would highly recommend to anyone that is feeling this could be for them, to do it!!!! They are a very gifted couple and I wish them well.”
– Caroline J.

“Thank you Ivo and Lyn for the amazing work and gifts you bring through the shamanic healing and reading that I had. I can’t speak highly enough of the help and difference it bought to me. I had struggled with a lot of things in this life and I knew I needed a spiritual healing, this was perfect for me and the gifts that were given to me during the healing were so beautiful and actually quite overwhelming. The reading was also perfect for me. I really appreciate and fully recommend you both for the amazing spiritual work you do. Thankyou so much xox.”
– Aqua W.

“Both Ivo & Lyn offer such incredible gifts in such a supportive way, I am forever in gratitude to them both.”
– Tess N.

“Earlier this week I had Ivo’s shamanic healing and Lyn’s rainbow reading. I would most definitely recommend them both. All week I have been receiving all sorts of gifts from the healing. During the session I felt the energy shifting. I feel more aligned. I feel my true self appearing more and more every day. Ivo has strong passion and is very gifted.
The rainbow reading also was a huge help for me . Lyn is a very intuitive woman. The reading helped my vision and future become more clear. I am so happy I followed my instincts and went ahead with this. Very grateful!”
– Tala N.

“Nearly a month ago I had a healing session with Ivo and a reading with Lyn. After my healing I felt noticeably clearer and lighter and I still feel that way several weeks later. Physically, I have also noticed my enlarged thyroid has decreased a bit in size too. I definitely feel like a LOT of ‘stuff’ was cleared. I was blown away actually – almost can’t put it into words. I have had many healing sessions over the years with many different people but nothing quite as insightful or as thorough as this. I would absolutely recommend a healing to anyone wanting to clear the root cause of any issues they might be experiencing. The Rainbow reading was the icing on the cake. Thank you both. Very wonderful and gifted people.”
– Lynley B.

“A very good healing and card reading from Ivo & Lyn which I would recommend to everyone who is searching for his higher purpose in life! I know now which path I have to go.”
– Yolande W.

Rainbow Card Reading Reviews

Rainbow Card Readings Reviews

“I received a Rainbow reading from Lyn, I highly highly recommend this service from Lyn, she was incredibly in depth, detailed, compassionate and very very insightful. She brought through all messages I needed to hear at this time, she has helped me to regain trust in my inner self and shown me how to reconnect to my inner light and wisdom.”
– Yenna R.

“Beautiful perceptive reading by Lyn. She has an amazing ability even without speaking with you to enter into what seems to be a direct dialogue with what you are experiencing at the moment and a depth of perception and wisdom that accompanies suggestions moving forward. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”
– Aimee M.

“I have had two rainbow readings with Lyn and she had picked up on everything I needed to hear at the time. She gives perfect divine guidance from a place of pure love and honesty. She is spot on about everything she has communicated to me. She shared personal things that only a very gifted in tune person would be able to pick up on to shed light on some of my personal experience. When Lyn shares with me what she gets I always have multiple ‘aha that makes total sense’ moments.”

“The Rainbow Card Reading we had a few days after the healings, was absolutely beautiful to hear, a lot of confirmations and helpful advice, thank you Lyn. Thank you so much for so many stepping stones and inspirations… Big things have come from source speaking to me that I’m now very aware of. And I have now realised that I am channelling a lot in conversation with others too. Big big shifts!”

Shamanic House & Land Clearing Reviews

House & Land Clearing by Ivo & Lyn - - Reviews

“As we were starting a new chapter on our farm we wanted to start with clean clear energy on the property, particularly with the history of trauma on the land. I can’t thank Lyn and Ivo enough for their incredible ability to see what the land has endured and how to bring in the healing. It was absolutely fascinating and a beautiful process. I have since experienced the blessings of our lands Higher Guardian when called upon to help. Thank you Lyn and Ivo for your kindness and sharing your knowledge and gifts.
If you have a sense that you might need clearing/ healing for your home or property, trust that sense. I would highly recommend it!!”
– Vanessa G.

Shamanic Into The Light Healing Reviews

Into The Light Healing Reviews

“My mother’s Into the Light healing – Wow a big big big BIG THANK YOU, Lyn. So beautiful to hear this. To connect to her in this way. Wonderful confirmations and a lot of necessary clearing done.”
– Melle M.

“When my mother passed I felt 100% trust and confidence that Lyn was the right person to help my mum transition into her next stage of life. She told me things that deeply resonated with my mums character that I had never told her.”
– Yenna R.

The Power Within Workshop Reviews

The Power Within - 2-day workshop - Reviews

“Having done very little meditation previously I stepped into the weekend unsure of what to expect. Yet, it was more than I could ever ask for. I left feeling empowered, grounded in strength and ready to live my vision. A magic had returned that had slipped out of my life. Lyn and Ivo create such a welcoming, peaceful space. I am very thankful for their willingness to share their vast knowledge with others and in raising our vibrations. Ever Thankful.”
– Vanessa G.

“I learned so much on the Power Within Workshop with Ivo and Lyn. They have so much knowledge and are so happy to share it with others. They are so very humble about their gifts and very encouraging of others to develop their own gifts and bring them into their everyday lives. Each aspect of the workshop was very informative and in depth. I felt like I learned a lot about many different modalities. And also felt confident with the tools I was given to continue my practice following the workshop. Thank you so much for your time, energy and love!!”
– Laura C.

“This was truly an exceptional experience working with Ivo and Lyn through the weekend, it was a lot to take in but a great introduction and collaboration of all the services they offer. I am definitely recommending this workshop to anyone wanting to raise their vibration.”
– Hazel G.

“Ivo & Lyn were great accommodators and teachers. Met some absolutely beautiful souls, had some great laughs which is just what I needed. I really loved the meditations especially the grounding one, they’re all extremely powerful.
15/10 would recommend the Power Within. I loved it.”
– Yenna R.

“Over all I thought this workshop was excellent. It was empowering for me and the passion Ivo and Lyn both showed with their teaching was inspiring. The content very interesting and being backed up with a manual/handouts is excellent to refer to and will help keep me on track. The group was a perfect number (19), not too big or too little.”
– Janice H.

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