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Modern Shamanic Healing Session With Ivo

A Modern Shamanic Healing session with Ivo includes his guidance and sharing of wisdom and experiences to help you, where necessary, to shift your awareness and understanding regarding blockages within you and your life, to allow for a deep healing to take place, expand the intentions for your healing and change certain patterns in your life.
The starting time of the session is 9:00am.
The whole session takes approximately 4-5 hours and may occasionally take longer.
This healing can be done remotely (worldwide) or in person and consists of the following parts:


During the first approx. two hours, Ivo will assist you to create clear intentions for your healing to maximize the potential and the depth of the healing. During these two hours Ivo may also share experiences and insights to help you gain more understanding in the patterns and perceptions that may have caused blockages within you and your life.
The intention of the healing always includes that the healing is done in harmony with your free will, Divine Will and for the highest good of all. This ensures that the healing is done in alignment with your Soul journey and Soul learning.
For remote healing sessions this part is done by phone or Skype.


During the shamanic healing (approx. two hours), you remain clothed and lay face- up on a cushioned surface and you are invited to rest and relax. You may fall asleep during this time. That is fine.
There is no hands-on (touch) during the healing, because the healing is done on the spiritual counterpart of yourself, your so called ‘spirit self’, and from there it will integrate fully through all levels of the Etheric, Physical and Soul bodies.
During a remote healing session, you will be invited to make yourself comfortable and rest at home while the healing is brought through for you.


At the end of the healing session, Ivo will share in a compassionate way what has come through for you during the healing.
If the healing is done remotely, you will be called by phone for this part of the session after the healing.
The sharing is recorded and you will be emailed a copy of the recording in MP4 format.
The sharing usually takes about 45 minutes and includes an explanation on how to integrate your healing.

Integrating Your Healing

The Healing takes up to 3 days to integrate fully through all levels of the Etheric, Physical and Soul bodies. During these days it is recommended to plan as much rest time as possible around what you usually do.
This healing is very powerful and has unlimited and life changing potential.
After the healing you will receive an email with more information on how you can best support the integration of your healing over the following 3 days. This information will also be explained to you after the sharing at the end of your session.

Additional Information

The healing has unlimited and life changing potential.
The Healing can only bring through what you are ready for, and what you can handle at the time, so sometimes deeply traumatic or major issues may require another layer of healing at a later time to clear them completely.
Also if the issues are fully cleared they could allow other aspects of healing on a different vibration to come up as part of your next stage of soul learning and soul growth.

Usually only one session is needed for your healing.
You will feel drawn to or guided if or when further healing is needed. It is always recommended to follow your own inner guidance. A shamanic healing every 6 months is recommended for your ongoing spiritual growth.

Example of the approximate time schedule for the session:

The session preferably starts at 9 am. Please let us know if you prefer a slightly earlier or later start time.
9:00 am: Creating the intentions for your healing (approx. 2 hours). For remote sessions this part is done by phone or Skype.
11:15 – 11:45 am: Lunch break (30 minutes).
11:45 – 01:45 pm: Rest while you receive the shamanic healing (approx 1¾ – 2¼ hours).
01:45 – 02:30 pm: Sharing the outcome of the healing + Explanation about the integration of your healing. For remote sessions this part is done by phone.
Please schedule the healing in your agenda from 9am until 4pm to allow for extra time, especially if you are booking your first shamanic healing session.

Shamanic Healing with Ivo

Prices & Booking

Remote Shamanic Healing with Ivo: $250
In Person Shamanic Healing with Ivo: $300

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Prices are in NZD.
Payment plans are available on request.
Payments can be made by bank transfer.
Overseas clients can pay by credit card through our encrypted secure payment gateway.


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