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Experience The Unlimited Power Of New Earth Shamanic Healing

New Earth Shamanic Healing is one of the highest and most powerful forms of Spiritual healing.
Ivo & Lyn are professional shamanic healing practitioners with each over 20 years of experience. 
They offer New Earth Shamanic Healing for personal healing and for house & land clearing.
Sessions are available in person or remotely (worldwide).

Shamanic Healing To Restore Your Inner Power & Strength
Shamanic Healing To Help You Feel Safe
Shamanic Healing To Break Free From Depression
Shamanic Healing To Heal Abuse And Negative Patterns
Shamanic Healing To Help Clear Anxiety
Shamanic Healing To Help You Find Purpose And Direction
Shamanic Healing To Restore Your Sense Of Belonging
Shamanic Healing To Restore Inner Balance
Shamanic Healing To Restore Inner Freedom
Modern Shamanic Healing
Remote Modern Shamanic Healing In The Higher Vibration Of The New Earth

A New Form Of Healing In The Higher Vibration Of The New Earth

Ivo and Lyn offer a new form of Shamanic Healing, which has recently come into the world to help take the Earth and all beings on Earth to the higher new vibration of the New Earth. This ‘New Earth’ form of Shamanic Healing involves Ivo and Lyn working together simultaneously in a strong and powerful way and in perfect harmony with the Masculine and the Feminine, to bring the healing through. The healing will help you to clear from its source what is needed to be cleared and help you to connect with your path and purpose of working towards opening as a higher being and coming into alignment and in harmony with the higher vibration of the New Earth realm which is now opening on Earth.

To read more about this new form of shamanic healing, please read New Earth Shamanic Healing with Ivo & Lyn.

Shamanic Healing in the higher vibration of the New Earth.

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What Is New Earth Shamanic Healing?

New Earth Shamanic Healing is a very powerful form of Spiritual Healing. It is a new higher vibrational form of the traditional Shamanic Healing. The healing is free from rituals and is done without the use of drumming, movements, plants, drugs, feathers or other animal parts. This new, updated form of Shamanic Healing also continuously adapts and rises with the vibration of the Earth, bringing through a more powerful and extensive healing. A New Earth Shamanic Healing is brought through the masculine and feminine by Ivo & Lyn working together at the same time to bring your healing through.

Ivo & Lyn work directly with the energy from Higher Source in harmony with your free will and the Divine. Therefore the healing always comes through in perfection and alignment with your Higher Divine Path and Plan.

How it works

Ivo and Lyn use your healing intention as a leading guide into a dynamic meditation to and through realms beyond the five senses. This is done with respect, love and compassion, to find the source (cause) of the disharmony (effect). From there the disharmony is resolved from its source on all levels, throughout all life times, your lineages and your past, present and future timelines, assisting you to heal its manifestations on all levels; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

A New Earth Shamanic Healing session is very powerful. It has amazing healing and life changing potential and helps to clear obstacles on your path and open up your future. A New Earth Shamanic Healing every 6-12 months is recommended for your on-going spiritual growth and to maintain a higher level of physical and energetic health and wellbeing.

A New Earth Shamanic Healing is best to be brought through remotely while you rest in the comfort of your own home and don’t need to travel. If you prefer in-person healing, you can also book an in-person session at our clinic in Tuakau, South Auckland.

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The Benefits Of Remote Healing

A Remote New Earth Shamanic Healing can be done for you while you are at home and the practitioner is somewhere else. The practitioner will work on the spiritual counterpart of yourself and from there it will integrate fully through all levels of your Etheric, Physical and Soul bodies.

Remote New Earth Shamanic Healing is just as powerful and effective as in-person healing. We recommend remote healings over in-person healings, because it allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home and own environment. From there you receive the healing without the stress of needing to travel before and after the healing. There is phone or Skype communication with you to go over the intention for your healing before we start bringing the healing through. If preferred, this part of the healing can also be done by email before the day of your appointment for a remote healing.

Our Experience

Ivo and Lyn have done many remote healings with great results for people all over the world. Remote healing sessions are a highly effective and easy way to fit your healing into the busy lifestyle of the modern world. Another positive aspect of remote healing is that your session can still go ahead during lockdowns. We also found that clients are more likely to fall asleep during the healing when they receive the healing in the comfort of their own home. This often helps them to be more open to receive the healing on a much deeper level.

Our Recommendations

A New Earth Shamanic Healing is preferably done remotely. However, if you prefer to receive a healing in person, you can book a New Earth Healing session with both Lyn and Ivo working together at the clinic in Tuakau, South Auckland.
Because our ‘New Earth’ form of shamanic healing is much more powerful and because it comes through in a much higher vibration, we now only offer healing sessions with Ivo or Lyn individually on request.

More Information About New Earth Shamanic Healing With Ivo & Lyn:

New Earth Shamanic Healing with Ivo & Lyn

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How A New Earth Shamanic Healing Can Help You

A New Earth Shamanic Healing may include and is not limited to:
(Please note that the explanations below are based on old shamanic terminology and are therefore very limiting, but even though healing has advanced much over the last 20 years and has become quicker and much more powerful, effective and efficient, it may still give you an understanding regarding what a New Earth Shamanic Healing can do for you).

Soul Retrieval

The loss of Soul parts occurs as the result of trauma or shock. Soul loss is your natural survival mechanism, which causes part of your soul to split off to cushion the impact of trauma. This is done to preserve parts of your personality or qualities. Often Soul parts don’t return because they are lost or they don’t know that it is safe to return. Some examples of experiences which may cause soul loss are: abuse, surgery, accidents, significant relationship loss. 

Soul retrieval is a typical shamanic part of the healing, which brings back the lost soul part(s). Consequently the qualities and/or part of the personality that were lost are being restored. By splitting off, the soul parts have been prevented from experiencing the traumatic event. Therefore these Soul parts don’t hold any memories of the trauma. 

Some of the symptoms indicating soul loss are:
Dissociation, feeling incomplete or not being fully present, and difficulties connecting with ourselves or others. Soul loss often causes you to want to fill up these ‘holes’ with addictions.

Spirit Help Retrieval

Restoring spiritual and personal power by retrieving Spirit helpers, guardians angels, power animals and/or your angelic presence. Some of the symptoms of Spiritual power loss are: chronic misfortune and bad luck, often accompanied by a sense of powerlessness.


Hostile thoughts, emotions, or acts sent consciously or unconsciously by your self and/or another can create spiritual intrusions. These can be taken into your body and cause blockages. As a result of their localized nature, intrusions tend to produce discomfort and pain. During an extraction, the intrusion is located, removed and transmuted. After that, the practitioners fill the cleared space as directed by Source to restore and optimize wellbeing. 
Symptoms indicating the presence of intrusions are chronic areas of discomfort and dysfunction in the body.

Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery removes blockages that are hard to reach because they are very small or deeply hidden in the tissue. In a way this is similar to an extraction, but on a more detailed and cellular level. Psychic surgery also helps with extracting blockages and/or implants from the brain. Additionally is also helpful in changing undermining thought patterns.

Clearing Curses

People can have placed curses on you in this life time or in previous life times. These curses often have a dramatic negative impact on your life. Curses also come in different types and degrees. They can cause miss fortune, ill health and depression, and eventually even lead to death.

Most commonly curses are placed on you by others who were angry or jealous in this or other life times. Curses can also be placed on a lineage and therefore be inherited. For example in the form of a possession that moves through the lineage from parent to child. There are also curses that affect the whole lineage or only the masculine or feminine line.
Curses can also be very tricky to clear. For example because they have backdoors and extra protection setup to prevent the curse from being recognised or cleared fully.

In conclusion, there are many different types of curses. Therefore the practitioners have to clear each curse in its own unique and specific way. Spiritual warfare is seldom used in the western culture. However, nowadays it is still very common. Especially in most of the indigenous cultures (Maori, Aboriginal, Indian, Thai, etc.).
Modern Shamanic Healing is very powerful and safe for clearing curses.

Spirit Depossession

Different terms for Spirit depossession are psychopomp and exorcism. This is needed when a spirit of a deceased being, who is unable to cross over, or an entity has entered your body. Shamanic Healing is excellent for removing lost souls and entities from your body. The practitioners take care of them with respect in a compassionate way. Therefore this process is harmonious without the battling that is often portraited in exorcism movies.

It is also possible that you have created an entity within yourself by continuous self-hating or other negative thoughts about yourself. Such thoughts can also lead to self-harm and self-destruction.

For more detailed information, click here to read our article about being possessed and the symptoms it may cause.

Karmic Completion

If a certain pattern is repeated lifetime after lifetime, a karmic completion can help to clear the pattern fully. This stops the pattern here right now, so it will no longer affect you or your future.

Lineage Clearing

In a lineage clearing, the healing clears blockages or patterns not only for yourself but also for your past, present and future lineage(s). Therefore a Shamanic Healing is great to help harmonize and clear lineage blockages and patterns, which often create disharmony within your own life and your whole family. 

Some examples of lineage patters can be: Alcoholism, abuse, and also cancer, heart diseases, etc.

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Prices & Booking

Shamanic ‘New earth’ Healing:

Remote New Earth Shamanic Healing with Ivo & Lyn: $285
In person New Earth Shamanic Healing with Ivo & Lyn: $385

New Earth Shamanic Healing & Reading Package Deal

Add a Remote Rainbow Card Reading for $100 (Save $25)

Prices are in NZD.
Payment plans are available on request.
Payments can be made by bank transfer.
Overseas clients can pay by credit card through our encrypted secure payment gateway.

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Modern Shamanic and 'New Earth' Healing: 
Open the path to freedom, health and well being in the higher vibration of the New earth.

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