Shamanic Healing

A Shamanic Healing is a unique spiritual form of healing. The shamanic practitioner uses your healing intention as a leading guide into a dynamic meditation, a so called "journey", to and through realms beyond our five senses. This journey is done with respect, love and compassion, to find the source (cause) of the disharmony (effect). With the help of Great Spirit (the Spirit which moves through all that exists), the source of the disharmony is resolved on all levels, throughout all life times, past, present and future, assisting you and, if you wish, also your lineages to heal its manifestations on all levels; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.
This healing has unlimited and life changing potential. 

Even though there is usually no direct follow-up session necessary, it is important to understand that after healing one layer, another layer might come up over time and might require a new session on a different aspect of your life.

A Shamanic Healing may include and is not limited to:

* Soul Retrieval *
Soul loss occurs as the result of trauma or shock. Soul loss is our natural survival mechanism in which part of us splits off to cushion the impact of the trauma and preserve parts of our personality or qualities. Often Soul parts don't return because they are lost or they don't know that it is safe to return. Some examples of experiences which may cause soul loss are: abuse, surgery, accidents, significant relationship loss.
Soul Retrieval brings back the lost soul part(s) and with that it restores the qualities and/or part of the personality which, by splitting off, have been prevented from experiencing the traumatic event. Therefore these Soul parts don't hold memories of the trauma.
Some of the symptoms indicating Soul loss are: dissociation, feeling incomplete or not being fully present, difficulties connecting with ourselves or others, wanting to fill up the 'holes' with addictions.

* Spirit Help Retrieval *
Restoring spiritual and personal power by retrieving Spirit helpers, guardians angels, power animals and/or your angelic presence.
Some of the symptoms of Spiritual power loss are: chronic misfortune and bad luck, often accompanied by a sense of powerlessness.

* Extraction *
Spiritual intrusions arising from hostile thoughts, emotions, or acts sent consciously or unconsciously by our self and/or another, which then can be taken into our body. Because of their localized nature, intrusions tend to produce discomfort and pain.
During an extraction, the intrusion is located, removed and transmuted and the cleared space is filled as directed to optimize wellbeing.
Symptoms indicating the presence of intrusions are chronic areas of discomfort and dysfunction in the body.

* Psychic Surgery *
During psychic surgery, blockages that are hard to reach because they are very small or deeply hidden in the tissue, can be removed. In a way this is similar to an extraction, but on a more detailed and cellular level. Psychic surgery is also used for extracting blockages and/or implants in the brain and to assist in changing undermining thought patterns.

* Clearing Curses *
Curses can be placed on us during this life time or in other life times and often have a dramatic effect on our lives. There are different types and degrees of curses. They can cause miss fortune and/or ill health and even lead to death. They are most commonly placed on us by others who were angry with us. Curses can also be placed on a lineage and therefore be inherited, for example from father to son. Spiritual warfare is unknown in the western culture, but it is still part of most of the indigenous cultures (Maori, Aboriginal, Indian, Thai, etc.).

* Spirit Depossession *
Spirit depossession is needed when a spirit of a deceased being, who is lost and unable to pass over, or an entity has entered our body. The lost being or entity is removed and taken care of in a compassionate way.
It is also possible to create an entity within yourself by continuous self-hating or other negative thoughts about yourself, which can lead to self-harm.
For more info, please read more about Spirit depossession at the bottom of this page.

* Karmic Completion *
If a certain pattern is repeated lifetime after lifetime, a karmic completion clears the pattern fully, so the pattern stops here right now.

* Lineage Healing *
In a lineage healing, a certain pattern is cleared not only for yourself but also for your past, present and future lineage(s). Therefore Sacred Journeys healing is great to help harmonize lineage patterns, which often create disharmony within our own life and within our family.

During the healing, the client will be aligned and connected with heaven and earth to restore a healthy energy flow throughout the body. The client's timeline will be cleared of any effects of that what has been cleared.

Remote Healing

Shamanic Healing is a spiritual form of healing which can be done for you while you are at home and the practitioner is somewhere else. The practitioner will work on the spiritual counterpart of yourself and from there it will integrate into your physical body. There will be no difference in the outcome of the healing compared to a physical present healing. Everything has Spirit and is therefore interconnected in the web of Oneness.
Ivo has done many Shamanic Healings with great results for people all over the world while he lives in New Zealand.

The Shamanic Healing Session

The whole session takes approximately 4-5 hours.  During the first approx. two hours, Ivo will assist you to create clear intentions for your healing to maximize the potential and the depth of the healing. During the shamanic healing (approx. two hours), you remain clothed and lay face- up on a cushioned surface. Usually there is no hands-on (touch) during the healing, because the healing is done on the spiritual counterpart of yourself, your so called 'spirit self', and from there it will integrate into your physical body. At the end of the healing session, Ivo will share in a compassionate way what has come through for you during the healing. You will be given a recording of the sharing and a list with the retrieved gifts, which you are invited to acknowledge in a simple meditation to help you with the integration of the healing.
This healing has unlimited and life changing potential.

Even though there is usually no direct follow-up session necessary, it is important to understand that after healing one layer, another layer might come up over time and might require a new session on a different aspect of your life.

Ivo honors the contributions of Grandfather Stalking Wolf and Tom Brown Jr. in the USA and The Academy of Shamanic Studies of Elisabeth von Madarasz in New Zealand.

Ivo offers the following:

One Approx. 4-5 hour Shamanic Healing session : NZD $200 (payment options are available)

Shamanic Healing session with Ivo + Rainbow Reading from Lyn: NZD $250 instead of $260 (payment options are available)



"Robert and I had a Shamanic Healing with Ivo Nieling. After the healing, we felt completely shifted and rearranged. From "setting the Intention" to the"Intuitive Downloads" to the "Healing and Clearing work", many of our core emotional patterns were released from our body and cells. 

We felt clearer, lighter and more self-confident. We felt safe in Ivo's care. His approach was compassionate, attentive, detailed and insightful. We have done a lot of counseling and emotional release work over the past 30 years and feel Ivo's Shamanic journey work has been the most effective and powerful.
We would highly recommend Ivo's sessions to our clients and friends. His work is penetrative and clears blockages from the cellular, emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies. He is a master at his craft!"
- Shari Rhodes & Robert Newby

"Having my background as a proffessional classical homeopath and shamanic practitioner I can only have the highest praise for Ivo Nieling. I have enjoyed and have benefitted from his treatment. Is it not amazing that his previous work as a trouble shooter in production lines has now extended to being a very thorough shamanic practioner who does not rest till he has found the cause of the problem! The proof is in the pudding so find out for yourself and enjoy shamanic work at the highest level!" 
- Robert van der Touw, Kerikeri

"I received a Shamanic Healing from Ivo. The best part of the treatment was being with someone compassionate and non-judgmental to go into the roots of my problems. I guess before one can progress in healing oneself, there has to be a knowledge of oneself from another person's perspective. I am thankful for Ivo's patience, kindness and perseverance in pulling down my defenses gently and trying to get into the roots of my personal problems. For me, the main parts of the journey were (1) all the talking with Ivo, which enabled me to realize my weaknesses and my strengths and how these were affecting people around me and (2) Ivo listing all these aspects of my personality and turning my problems into intentions for the healing and clear them from their source. I am grateful for Ivo's kindness and compassion."
- A.R, Wellington.

"I would fully recommend a Shamanic Healing with Ivo Nieling.  After booking my healing with him I arrived with a long list of notes about things I felt were wrong in my life and aspects of myself that I wanted to change.  Once I began talking with Ivo, it quickly became clear that my list was really just the superficial stuff and we needed to delve down into what was behind it all and what the healing could address on a soul level.  I found this in itself a fascinating and revealing process.
After the healing, Ivo relayed the various messages he’d received during it and gave me his written notes to take away and read again.  Many of the messages related to my ancestry and things that had gone before me, leading me to where I was today which was absolutely fascinating.  We also discussed the gifts that came up during the healing and worked through how I would integrate these in the coming days. I left feeling incredibly enlightened and relaxed and over the next few weeks experienced a number of things that would normally happen a certain way happening differently. The dynamics in some key family relationships changed and I experienced a sense of healing and resolution with one relationship in particular.
I was so impressed with my experience that I took my teenage son to see Ivo for a healing.  My son found Ivo easy to speak with and my son was so relaxed during the process that he fell asleep.  Afterwards we saw a number of changes in his behaviour, including how he handled situations that would have previously been challenging for him.  Several months later Ivo performed a long distance healing on my younger son.  He also fell into a deep sleep during his healing and came out the other side displaying some different behaviours to usual and seemed a lot more at peace. 
Ivo acts with complete integrity and is very sensitive to the needs of the person he’s working with.  I believe he has a rare skill and his sacred journey healings are a unique and valuable experience.  Almost a year after my healing, I look back and see so much in my life has shifted in the last year for the better and I’m sure the healing has a lot to do with that."
- J. from Tauranga

"I cannot thank Ivo enough for the Shamanic Healing. After only one session, my bowels are moving properly again after 22 years. My anxiety totally vanished and after the healing I was able to get off my 20 mg anti-depresants medication and I still feel good and positive. Besides the physical benefits, also miraculous changes happened in my life after the healing. It was as if everything started flowing and unfolding again. This is truly a Miracle."
- Malik, Auckland

"I have just recently received a life changing Shamanic Healing with Ivo Nieling.
Ivo comes from a place deep within his soul that is truly remarkable, he is compassionate, respectful, professional & is committed to his passion as a Shamanic Healer. The healing I received has been a miracle for me & has totally restored & connected all of me to my soul on a deep rich level. No other has been able to heal & free me from so much in this powerful & effective way. I feel that a huge shift has taken place & there are no words to describe the peace & contentment that I feel. I am so glad that I invested in my Shamanic Healing with Ivo.
I would highly recommend this form of healing."
- Jennifer

Background information

GrandfatherGrandfather Stalking Wolf was raised free of the reservations in the mountains of northern Mexico. Born in the 1870's during a time of great warfare and violence, he was part of a band of Lipan Apache that never surrendered. He was taught the traditional ways of his people and excelled as a shaman healer and a scout. When he was twenty, a vision sent him away from his people to seek the essence of all religions and spiritual paths. For the next sixty-three years he wandered America, South America and Canada, experiencing religions, seeking teachers, and learning the old ways of many native peoples. During this journey, he not only gathered awareness and survival skills, but he also isolated and purified the common Truths present in all religions. He found that every religion would eventually lead to the path of Oneness, once one transcends their religion.

Grandfather always lived on his own as a free man. He never held a job, drove a car, paid taxes, or participated in modern society. When he was eighty-three years old, he encountered a small boy gathering fossils in a stream bed. He recognized that boy from his vision as the person he would spend his final years with, teaching him all that he knew. That boy was Tom Brown Jr. Tom became the recipient of not only all that Grandfather had learned during his travels, but also the distillation of hundreds of years of Apache culture. These teachings are what Tom Brown Jr. now teaches at his famous Tracking, Nature, and Wilderness Survival School in New Jersey.


More information about Involuntary Spirit Possession

According to my experiences as a shamanic healing practitioner, a person can be possessed by a lost Soul or by an entity.
A lost Soul is a Soul which didn’t go to the light when a person passed over. This can be caused by, for example, unresolved business, sudden death like car accidents (the person doesn’t realize he/she passed over), suicide, fear of dying, family and friends holding on to the one who passed over. After a while these lost Souls become desperate for help. Often they try to get in touch with sensitive people or try to enter somebody’s body, which often leads to suicidal behavior.
An entity can be created by fights, arguments, self-hate, etc. We create so much negativity and give it so much energy that the energy becomes an entity which can enter someone’s body (or be created within ourselves by for example self-hate). This can lead to self-harm, expression of extreme aggression and it can even result in mass murder.

The causes of Involuntary Spirit Possession:
People who use drugs or over-use alcohol are more susceptible to involuntary Spirit possession. By using drugs or alcohol (or even by being drugged down by legal medicines), our Spirit escapes from the body into the lower spiritual realms and thus there is nobody 'home' in our body and a ‘seat’ is available. At the same time a connection to lower spiritual realms is created, which attracts lower vibrations. S
usceptibility to involuntary Spirit possession can also be increased by the use of anti-depressants, because they cause us to escape from our body, so we don’t feel depressed. A weak male (protecting) side, often caused by bad relationship with the father figure, or severe power loss within yourself or your lineage can also cause a higher susceptibility. Ungrounded people, people who ‘don’t want to be 'here’, people in coma and people with severe soul loss can also be more susceptible to involuntary Spirit possession.
It is also possible to create an entity within yourself by continuous self-hate or other negative thoughts about yourself, which can lead to self-harm, which is often done while the entity takes over and therefore the person is ofen not aware of causing self-harm till after it has happened and the result is visible.

Symptoms of Involuntary Spirit Possession:
- Tiredness.
Low in energy.
Often sick or unwell.
- Suicidal thoughts (lost soul).
- N
o spark in the eyes / dead, empty looking eyes.
Skin can appear grey / no color (dead).
Every positive thought comes together with a negative thought.
- Having thoughts that aren't yours or are not like you.

- Negative attitude.
- Personality change and behavior changes e.g. new cravings or beginning to smoke or drink suddenly / split personality symptoms.
- Often problems in neck and chest or abdominal area.
- Heavy shoulders.
- Loss of will power.
- Get angry very easily and the anger is very explosive and out of proportion (often feels unnatural to others).
- Strange behavior and occurrences such as accidents.
- Depression.

Note: Being possessed by a lost soul often causes the host to be agressive inwards (suicidal), and being possessed by an entity often causes the host to become more aggressive outwards (hurting others). If the entity within you is created by self-hate, it can lead to self-harm, and when it takes over, it can lead to hurting yourself without being aware of it while doing it. It can also create circumstances to make you suffer.

What to do about it:
Once a person is possessed by a Spirit or entity, only some spiritual healing methods are guaranteed efficient. Personally I don't believe that there is any effective western medicine on the market, because the western medicine doesn't acknowledge the Spiritual. Based on my experiences a Shamanic Healing is most efficient, because it takes care of all/everything involved in a harmonious way with respect and without judgement.