Remote Shamanic healing with Ivo and Lyn

This unique way of shamanic healing brings in the healing qualities and gifts through the masculine and the feminine and Ivo and Lyn also bring through their own individual healing gifts and qualities to be combined in this healing.

This type of shamanic healing is also great for healing on children as we can offer it later at night when the child goes to bed. Because of the shorter time this healing takes (two practitioners working on you at the same time), we are able to be more flexible with the starting time of the session and in case of emergency situations we are more likely to be able to book you in earlier.
The starting time of the session is flexible and is decided when you make the booking.
This healing is offered remotely (worldwide) only and takes approximately 2½ - 3 hours and consists of the following three parts:


You (the client) write down and email to us, an explanation of all the aspects and areas that you are conscious of which have drawn you to having the healing.
At the start of your appointment, Ivo and Lyn will call you and use their spiritual guidance, experience and awareness with clarity and understanding to create the intentions for your healing with you. This part usually takes approximately 1 hour.


After the intention is created, you are invited to make yourself comfortable and rest while Ivo and Lyn bring your healing through. You may fall asleep during this time. That is fine.
The Healing itself takes usually 1 - 1½ hours.


After the healing, Ivo and Lyn will call you by phone to share with you what came through during the healing, including any Spiritual Gifts, Messages or Guidance. The sharing is recorded and you will be emailed a copy of the recording in MP4 format. 

The sharing usually takes about 30 minutes.

Additional information

The Healing takes 2 to 3 days to integrate fully through all levels of the Etheric, Physical and Soul bodies. During these days it is recommended to plan as much rest time as possible around what you usually do.
This healing has unlimited and life changing potential.
After the healing you will receive an email with more information on how you can best support the integration of your healing over the following 3 days.

Prices are in NZD.
Payment options are available on request.

Shamanic Healing:

Remote Healing with Ivo & Lyn: $200*

Healing & Reading Package:
Includes Remote Rainbow Card Reading by Lyn

Remote Healing with Ivo & Lyn: $250*

*These healings are done by Ivo and Lyn working together.



To make an appointment,
please contact Ivo & Lyn:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 0272 169 369

International: +64-272169369



Would (and have) recommended Lyn & Ivo to everyone I know, I received a remote shamanic healing from them both and I can physically, emotionally and energetically feel the difference. Immediately after my healing session I could feel all energy blockages removed from my chakra system that were manifesting as physical ailments so all physical pain I had previously dissolved. I feel more grounded and free, and I now know how to tune into my inner guidance as well as the guidance from my light team so I can further my souls progression on my souls divine journey.
I also received a Rainbow reading from Lyn, I highly highly recommend this service from Lyn, she was incredibly in depth, detailed, compassionate and very very insightful. She brought through all messages I needed to hear at this time, she has helped me to regain trust in my inner self and shown me how to reconnect to my inner light and wisdom. Very grateful for their work!
- Yenna


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