Inari Raphael Ltd. is founded and operated by Ivo Nieling and Lyn Brennan.


We are based in Tuakau, South Auckland.
Approximately 40 minutes from Auckland CBD, 1 hour from Hamilton and 2 hours from Tauranga.
Most of our services are available remotely (worldwide).

We offer the following services:

Shamanic Healing (for people and land)
Readings and personal crystal sets
All our services are created with the intention to empower you to stand powerfully in your true divine self.
We also have an online Crystal & Spiritual Gift Shop (

Ivo and Lyn are currently working on the development of a new deck of cards and book for healing and transformation, which is aimed to be completed by the end of 2021.

Ivo and Lyn both work full-time in their business Inari Raphael Ltd.


Biography Ivo Nieling 


 Ivo's shamanic work started by being part of the exploration of the healing medicinal gifts of the native flora, fauna, animals and minerals of New Zealand during the development stage of ‘The Rainbow Essences of Aotearoa’ and the restructuring of the 'Sacred Web Oracle and Cards' with Robert van der Touw in 2001. Since then Ivo has intensively practiced shamanism and shamanic healing for people and land worldwide, and often his healing work involved de-possession and clearing of curses.

Ivo is also a fully certified practitioner of the impact healing technique Contact Care, and a fully certified practitioner and self-help teacher of Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is a gentle art of acupressure to restore harmony in the body. 
On 8-8-2016 Robert van der Touw handed over the intelectual property rights of his homeopathic research and all his written material. This material inspired Ivo and his partner Lyn to create a new oracle, implementing a new structure.
Ivo has facilitated Jin Shin Jyutsu and Shamanic seminars in New Zealand and The Netherlands.


Biography Lyn


Lyn has been facilitating readings and shamanic healing for many years, which came naturally through her during childhood. Lyn works with a team of Spiritual Guides. During a reading one or several of the guides come through with messages for the client. Each of the guides has specific qualities and comes forward depending on the qualities that are needed to bring the message across. Lyn works with the vibrations of colour, a range of energetic crystals and positive angel and/or other types of cards. She always steps out in a shamanic way to ensure that her healings and readings are as pure as possible.
Lyn is currently working together with her partner Ivo on creating a new oracle, implementing a new structure.
Lyn has been a teacher for many years and now combines her teaching skills with her clairvoyant and healing gifts to facilitate seminars together with her partner Ivo, bringing a balanced masculine & feminine quality to their seminars.