Shamanic Healing

Ivo & Lyn are professional shamanic healing practitioners with many years of experience.
They offer shamanic healing for personal healing, earth healing, and land & house clearing.
Ivo and Lyn are available for personal sessions individually and as a team.
Earth Healings and Land & House clearings are always done by Ivo and Lyn working together as a team. This is to ensure the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine energies for land and home.
For more information, please click on the other links in the 'Shamanic Healing' menu or use the links below:

Shamanic Healing session with Lyn
Shamanic Healing Session with Ivo
Shamanic Healing Session with Ivo & Lyn (remote only)

Any day of the week bookings can be made at our clinic in Tuakau, South Auckland.
We are located about 40 minutes from Auckland CBD, 1 hour from Hamilton and 2 hours from Tauranga.
All our services are also available remotely (worldwide).
Please enquire if you are interested.

For more information about our services
Please contact Ivo & Lyn:

NZ: 0272 169 369

Int: +64 272 169 369
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Bookings click HERE

If finances are difficult, please contact us to work out a payment plan to make our services possible for you.

To pay for a session, you can pay by bank transfer or cash or if needed, we also have the possibility to make a secured credit card payment through our online crystal shop.

Bank account details:

Inari Raphael Ltd.
ANZ Bank Tauranga

Payment by bank transfer into our account is preferred.

Please contact us for instructions to pay by Credit Card.


"I have had a few Shamanic healings both with Lyn & Ivo and also a Crossing into the Light healing for a whanau member-every time has been deeply moving and truely life changing. The benefits I have noticed from the healings go on and on, physical ailments from my body have been cleared, I have a new found clarity and flow within myself, more physical energy, MUCH more mental clarity and stability, I was able to give up addictions such as smoking Marijuana VERY easily after being a heavy smoker for a few years. The Shamanic healings have cleared the way for me so I can make a more peaceful, graceful and calm transition into my truer, more loving state of being. It has given me the tools to help myself along my journey much easier, my path has been much lighter and happier since with a whole lot more clarity.
When my mother passed I felt 100% trust and confidence that Lyn was the right person to help my mum transition into her next stage of life. She told me things that deeply resonated with my mums character that I had never told her. Each time I receive a healing I am able to tune into and use my spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, more and more with much less fear and more clarity. I am very aware of who I allow to read me but I have a lot of faith in Ivo and Lyn no question about it. They are true light beings."


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