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Rainbow Card Readings

A Rainbow Card Reading is a 1-1½ hour Holistic clairvoyant reading, combining the vibrations of colour, Crystals and Angel, Animal or Map cards. The reading is done by Lyn in a shamanic way, which means that she steps fully out of the way energetically, allowing the reading to come through with clarity and purity from the Highest Source.
The Reading is always done with integrity and the messages which come through are exactly what Spirit needs you to know right now to best guide you on your life’s journey and move forward in life in a positive and empowered way.

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Rainbow Card Readings To Help You Gain Clarity
Clairvoyant Reading To Get You Back On Track

Rainbow Card Reading To Help You Move Forward In Life

Rainbow Card Readings
Clairvoyant Rainbow Card Readings

What to expect from a Rainbow Card Reading

There are two parts to this reading:

The first part works with messages brought through colour vibrations from four colour combinations you choose from a colour chart. The order of the colour choices outlines very briefly, your Spiritual and Divine purpose on Earth for this life time, your gifts, your challenges in life, what you are working on at a soul level right now, and what is coming towards you in your future. It also gives guidance on what colour vibrations to bring around you at this time to support your Divine Path and help it to open and flow more freely and easily. You will also be given ideas on how to bring those positive vibrations and energies around you in your day to day living.

The second part involves a ten card spread, which is brought through shamanically, working with Spirit Guides and Angel, Animal or Map cards to connect straight to Source. The spread brings messages in relation to your current situation, what is leaving and is completed, your immediate and distant future, what you need to focus on and where your path is headed. The reading gives guidance and direction on how to step onto and stay on the best Divine Path in Harmony with your Soul Growth, Soul Learning and Divine Path.

Both these parts are woven together in the best way to bring through the most important messages for you, to help you to open your Highest Divine Path into the world.

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How the reading is done

When you choose to receive a Rainbow Reading, you will be emailed a colour chart with instructions on how to choose 4 colour combinations. You will be asked to email your 4 choices back to us. Your reading will be done as soon as possible (or during your appointment) and you will receive a 1-1½ hour recording of your reading by email. After you received the reading, there is some time to answer questions or, if done remotely, you can email us within two days after the reading for if you still have any questions and the answers will be emailed to you.

Rainbow Card Readings are preferably done remotely. This allows the flexibility for the reading to be done at the right moment and also prevents excessive waiting times for a booking. However, a reading can be booked in person if you wish.

Reviews & Feedback

General feedback of clients is that Lyn’s Rainbow Card Readings have helped to show them the best direction to go in on their path, and gave them the courage and confidence to take the steps needed, to make positive changes and open up new possibilities within their lives.

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Clairvoyant Rainbow Card Reading

Prices & Booking

Rainbow Card Reading with Lyn:

Remote Reading: $80

You will be emailed a recording of approximately 60-90 minutes in MP4 format.
The reading is done remotely and is available for clients worldwide.

Package Deal:

Book any Shamanic Healing with a reading and get $20 off.

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Prices are in NZD.
Payment plans are available on request.
Payments can be made by bank transfer.
Overseas clients can pay by credit card through our online crystal shop.



Rating:5 Stars
"I have had two rainbow readings with Lyn and she had picked up on everything I needed to hear at the time. She gives perfect divine guidance from a place of pure love and honesty. She is spot on about everything she has communicated to me. She shared personal things that only a very gifted in tune person would be able to pick up on to shed light on some of my personal experience. When Lyn shares with me what she gets I always have multiple ‘aha that makes total sense’ moments."


Rating:5 Stars
"The Rainbow Card Reading we had a few days after the healings, was absolutely beautiful to hear, a lot of confirmations and helpful advice, thank you Lyn... Thank you so much for so many stepping stones and inspirations… Big things have come from source speaking to me that I’m now very aware of… And I have now realised that I am channelling a lot in conversation with others too… Big big shifts!"


Rating:5 Stars
"I recieved a Rainbow reading from Lyn, I highly highly recommend this service from Lyn, she was incredibly in depth, detailed, compassionate and very very insightful. She brought through all messages I needed to hear at this time, she has helped me to regain trust in my inner self and shown me how to reconnect to my inner light and wisdom."


Rating:5 Stars
"Beautiful perceptive reading by Lyn. She has an amazing ability even without speaking with you to enter into what seems to be a direct dialogue with what you are experiencing at the moment and a depth of perception and wisdom that accompanies suggestions moving forward. I would recommend her in a heartbeat."


Rating:5 Stars
"My experience with Ivo & Lyn, was utterly amazing. I felt comfortable with my healing, the whole experience was real! I left feeling awoken and new. My reading with Lyn a couple of weeks later, caught me by surprise. She explained in detail what I was experiencing within me, and also what I was trying to accomplish in my life for me and my family. It's been 6 weeks since my healing, and I feel really positive and healthy. Total beautiful couple, I think the 2 gifted people in one experience is awesome and I highly recommend the experience with them to anyone who is wanting a similar experience."


Rating:5 Stars
"Thank you Ivo and Lyn for the amazing work and gifts you bring through the shamanic journey and reading that I had. I can't speak highly enough of the help and difference it bought to me. I had struggled with a lot of things in this life and I knew I needed a spiritual healing, this was perfect for me and the gifts that were given to me during the healing were so beautiful and actually quite overwhelming. The reading with Lyn was also perfect for me. I really appreciate and fully recommend you both for the amazing spiritual work you do. Thank you so much xox"


Rating:5 Stars
"Lyn's reading was so accurate and blessed me hugely. more than she will ever know. It has given me guidance for my now, which has helped hugely given I was having a rather rough time. It gave me insight to my future and so much hope and lots n lots of insight into what would help me. I am so pleased i went ahead with both the healing and reading and know without a shadow of doubt it was the best thing i could have done for my souls journey. I would highly recommend to anyone that is feeling this could be for them, to do it!!!! They are a very gifted couple and I wish them well...."

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Lyn Nieling

Lyn Nieling

Lyn has been facilitating readings and shamanic healing for many years, which came naturally through her during childhood. Lyn works with a team of Spiritual Guides. Each of the guides Lyn works with has specific qualities and comes forward depending on the qualities that are needed to bring the message across for the client. Lyn works with the vibrations of colour, a range of energetic crystals and positive angel and/or other types of cards to tune in to the highest Divine Path for her client. She always steps out in a shamanic way to ensure that her healings and readings are as pure as possible.

Lyn was a teacher for many years as well as spending time working as a Health Carer. She also worked for Customs NZ in Auckland and spent time in the New Zealand Fire Service. Lyn now combines all her experience and skills gained through life with her clairvoyant and healing gifts to work full time with Ivo in their spiritual business Inari Raphael Ltd. Their combined skills and Spiritual gifts brings a complete and balanced masculine & feminine quality to all their work. Lyn and Ivo have recently been guided through Source to bring in a New form of Shamanic Healing which involves them both working together through the balance of masculine and feminine to bring through healing from Source on the new higher vibration of The New Earth.

Lyn is also currently working together with her partner Ivo on creating a new Deck of Cards and book which has never been seen or worked with before. The new card deck and book will help pioneer the world into the transcendence to the higher dimension of the New Earth.

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