Religions and ShamanismPre-religious, pre-political and pre-philosophical in nature, Shamanism is a way of life, dating back to Palaeolithic times, of living in harmony, respect and oneness with all life forms. Shamanic Healing is a therapeutic intervention (mental, physical or spiritual) facilitated by a Shamanic practitioner/shaman using methods that include journeying, working with Spirit helpers, extraction, Soul retrieval, power animal Retrieval, power restoration and de-possession, etc. A dimension that is beyond our five senses is called on and the recipient receives what is appropriate using the practitioner/shaman as a bridge. It concentrates on two things - removing any energy that is not in harmony with the recipient's body or should not be there, and restoring lost energy or power. This can be for a person, animal or place. Shamanic healing can also be used in conjunction with other therapies to restore balance and wholeness.
Shamanism and Shamanic healing are not related to any religion. Shamanic healing is practiced and/or received without undermining and or being in conflict with religion. The instructions from Spirit realms shown to the practitioner during a shamanic healing journey (meditation), which are communicated through feelings, inner knowing, visions and often a combination of them, are often 'shown' in a way that the practitioner understands, so the shamanic healing practitioner can 'translate' what came through from Spirit realms and communicate it to you in a way that you understand. Therefore it is possible that the Shamanic healing practitioner 'experiences' certain energies that are coming through in the form of angels or Buddha, etc. It is important to understand for the practitioner as well as for the client that in the realms of Spirit there is no form. Forms are an interpretation of energy done within your own spectrum of reference. For another practitioner the same energy might have been 'shown', or better said 'seen', in a different way or form. 
Even our physical eyes make an interpretation of the received energy through our brain and reference spectrum and translate all impressions together into objects. If someone says the word 'tree', the image, meaning and feeling associations others get will be all different from each other, mainly because our differences in background, upbringing and past experiences. It is the Shamanic Healing practitioner's task to share the outcome of the healing from a higher place of understanding, beyond religion and without judgement. Therefore the 'Shaman' always stays tuned in to the higher realms during the sharing of the healing, so everything is expressed in a neutral, healing and nurturing way, aiming to assist the healing process of the recipient.

Grandfather Stalking Wolf, who was an Lipan-Apache Indian who travelled the world by foot for over 60 years to accomplish his soul purpose of finding the common truth in all religions, came back from his journey with a triangle symbol on his bag. He explained it as follows:

triangle grandfather

The many lines from the base of the triangle going up to the centre of the triangle are all the religions. They all lead to the same. Only by transcending one's religion one will be able to walk the path of the shaman, the path of oneness (indicated by the vertical line).

If you feel that your religion or beliefs may be in conflict with shamanic healing, you are welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns before booking a healing.