dreamcatcherOver many years of practicing Shamanic Healing on clients we have gained clear insight and understanding regarding the risks of using drugs and anti-depressants. They both have in common that they take you out of your body, leaving your body open and unprotected for entities, alien implants and lost souls to come in, which may result in suicidal thoughts, aggression, negative thoughts contradicting every positive thought, tiredness, depression, etc. Even though the use of anti-depressants does have its place, we recommend it to be only used short term and only if strictly necessary; Maybe enough to uplift and enable you to find a way to deal with the past trauma and pain and heal it. Escaping from pain by not being present is not a long-term solution to the problem.
Using drugs, including the use of the well-known five fingered plant friend and Ayahuasca, takes you out of your body and creates portals connecting you to lower vibrations.
As a light worker I recommend to refuse doing light work with light workers using drugs to relax, have better visions, etc. I learned that at the end I was the one dealing with the unhelpful energies they were constantly allowing in.
There is really no excuse for using drugs. Often the excuse is used that the Native American Indians (shamans) used to use it and that it is therefore safe. Yes it is true that they did use drugs to journey to spirit realms, but never for self-interest. They didn't journey for pleasure. They always had a clear intention for the higher good of their tribe. This intent was beyond self. It was to be of service. They had a higher purpose and knew where they were journeying to. Their intention gave direction and assured them to end up in the right (and safe) energetic realms. The Shaman always had another shaman sitting next to his/her body to protect the body while the shaman was out of the body, journeying to spirit realms. In those times, the 1800's and early 1900's the earth was dense, there was a thick layer to penetrate to reach the higher realms, and therefore drugs were helpful and maybe even necessary to journey to other realms. Nowadays the veil between heaven and earth is almost non-existent. We don't need drugs to journey. We just need a simple intention.
Depossession or so called exorcism is part of about 25% of my healings. New Zealand is fuelled with drugs. Yes, it indeed helps you to escape from your, sometimes hard to face, reality. It might make you feel good but what goes up, will come down, and the price is high. The risk is enormous and there are not many light workers offering depossession.
Western medication does not acknowledge the existence of possession yet, and the symptoms are often interpreted as a mental illness. Please click here for more information about possession and its symptoms.