Shamanic Healing in Harmony

One of the most important intentions added to our Shamanic Healing sessions is that we always ask for everything to be done in harmony with Free Will, Divine Will and for the Highest Good of All. This ensures that there is no possibility for the ego to come in and that everything is always done only if it is in harmony with Free Will AND Divine Will AND for the Highest Good of All.

As humans, we tend to be good hearted, always willing to make time to pray for the ones that need help. But what others need is not up to us. Every experience is a lesson for the soul and every expression is a reflection of the world we have co-created. The soul does not judge on what is good or bad, the soul just experiences and grows. Don't feel pity (sympathy) for the ones that are suffering. Hold them in Truth (empathy), in the knowing that everything is perfect, that everything has its purpose and will, in its own timing, unfold in harmony with the Divine Plan. Sometimes change is only possible when the deepest and darkest end of the downwards spiral has been reached, when there is nothing left but self, which leaves the ability to finally see clearly and choose to break free towards light and happiness.