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Biography Ivo & Lyn

Ivo and Lyn Nieling of Inari Raphael Ltd.

Our Location

We are based in Whangārei Heads.
Approximately 30 minutes from Whangārei, 90 minutes from Kerikeri and 3 hours from Auckland CBD.
Most of our services are also available remotely (worldwide).

Clinic address:
1993 Whangārei Heads road
Whangārei Heads, Whangārei, NZ

Our Services

We offer the following services:

New Earth Shamanic Healing (for people, house and land)
Clairvoyant Rainbow Card Readings
Personal Crystal Sets

Our services are created with the intention to empower you to stand powerfully in your true divine self. The services are offered through Source in a manner which supports the massive changes occurring in the world and in all beings on Earth as we all transcend to the higher vibration of the New Earth.

Our healing work and other services, are adapting continuously as awareness arises to fully embrace the new higher vibration. They are designed through Source and in harmony with Divine Plan to specifically help and support you on your own journey of spiritual transcendence as a higher being on the New Earth.

Online Spiritual Gift & Crystal Shop

“The Crystal Rainbow”
We have an online Crystal & Spiritual Gift Shop, which offers specifically tuned in crystals and other spiritual pieces to support the high New Earth energy and to work with you in the higher vibration to support your journey in the higher realms of the New Earth.


 * New Spiritual Card Deck *

Ivo and Lyn are currently working on the development of a new deck of cards and book for healing and transformation, which is aimed to be completed in 2024.
This deck is the first of its kind to support and guide the journey of beings on Earth into the higher dimension and the complete transcendence to the higher vibration of the New Earth.
This deck of cards will help to pioneer the world into the new higher dimension.

Ivo Nieling

ivo nieling
Ivo Nieling

Ivo was born in the Netherlands and in 2000 he discovered his strong connection with New Zealand. In 2001 Ivo immigrated to New Zealand and started practicing Shamanic Healing. For two years he worked full-time on the development of homeopathic essences made from New Zealand flora, fauna and minerals, honing his shamanic skills, and on the structuring of a new book and deck of cards. Since then Ivo has practiced shamanic healing intensively. His healing work often involved de-possession and clearing of curses, which gave him a huge amount of practice and understanding in this subject.
In 2003 he moved to a property, which was unknowingly built on a mass grave. This forced Ivo to become more experienced in Earth Healing. After this event he felt drawn to many places throughout New Zealand to facilitate healings and activations for the Earth, which led him to start facilitating 14-day spiritual tours through New Zealand with an elderly Maori friend for several years.

Ivo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Technology and worked several times per year overseas as a contractor to troubleshoot problems, improve production processes and to facilitate training in food processing plants. This work situation allowed him plenty of spare time to keep practicing shamanic healing.

Ivo is also a fully certified practitioner of the impact healing technique Contact Care, and a fully certified practitioner and self-help teacher of Jin Shin Jyutsu® , which is a gentle art of acupressure to restore harmony in the body. Ivo has combined his troubleshooting skills and the knowledge and wisdom of his experiences, and the other modalities he learned, to bring his shamanic practice to a new higher vibration.

Ivo now works full-time in the business Inari Raphael Ltd, which he started together with his partner Lyn in 2018. They are also working together on creating a new Deck of Cards and book, based on a new structure, which has never been seen or worked with before. The new card deck and book will help pioneer the world into the transcendence to the higher dimension of the New Earth Realm.

Ivo has facilitated Jin Shin Jyutsu and Shamanic seminars in New Zealand and in The Netherlands and now facilitates workshops together with his partner Lyn. Together they work as a team to bring in the perfect harmony of the masculine and feminine in the vibration of the New Earth. They also developed a new type of remote shamanic healing in which they work together in this new vibration. The shamanic healing practice has evolved with time and has become more powerful and unlimited than ever. It has become a ‘New Earth’ shamanic healing practice, which comes purely and fully through from the highest vibration of Source.

Lyn Nieling

Lyn Nieling

Lyn has been facilitating readings and shamanic healing for many years, which came naturally through her during childhood. Lyn works with a team of Spiritual Guides. Each of the guides Lyn works with has specific qualities and comes forward depending on the qualities that are needed to bring the message across for the client. Lyn works with the vibrations of colour, a range of energetic crystals and positive angel and/or other types of cards to tune in to the highest Divine Path for her client. She always steps out in a shamanic way to ensure that her healings and readings are as pure as possible.

Lyn was a teacher for many years as well as spending time working as a Health Carer. She also worked for Customs NZ in Auckland and spent time in the New Zealand Fire Service. Lyn now combines all her experience and skills gained through life with her clairvoyant and healing gifts to work full time with Ivo in their spiritual business Inari Raphael Ltd. Their combined skills and Spiritual gifts brings a complete and balanced masculine & feminine quality to all their work. Lyn and Ivo have recently been guided through Source to bring in a New form of Shamanic Healing which involves them both working together through the balance of masculine and feminine to bring through healing from Source on the new higher vibration of The New Earth Realm.

Lyn is also currently working together with her partner Ivo on creating a new Deck of Cards and book which has never been seen or worked with before. The new card deck and book will help pioneer the world into the transcendence to the higher dimension of the New Earth Realm.


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