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Shamanic Into The Light Healing.

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Modern Shamanic Spiritual Healing Services

Shamanic New Earth Healing

New Earth Healing - Our most powerful form of Shamanic Spiritual healing, brought through in the higher vibration of the New Earth.

New Earth Healing is a new, updated and our most powerful form of Shamanic Spiritual Healing. This unique way of shamanic healing brings in the healing qualities and gifts through the masculine and the feminine. Ivo & Lyn also bring each their own individual healing gifts, qualities and spiritual lineages through to be combined in this healing. Therefore, a Shamanic ‘New Earth’ Healing is much more powerful on a wider scale and helps you to open up into the higher vibration of the New Earth.

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Modern Shamanic Spiritual Healing

Powerful Modern Shamanic Spiritual Healing, adapted and updated to the raising vibration of the Earth.

Shamanic Spiritual Healing helps to restore and strengthen your qualities and gifts. It also helps you to raise your vibration and move more easily through the obstacles in your life. Additionally, it is helpful for clearing disease, entities, lost souls, implants, curses and lineage patterns.

Shamanic Land & House Clearing

Shamanic Spiritual Healing for Land & House, done with respect for all beings involved.

Ivo and Lyn work together as a team in the higher vibration of the New Earth to bring through shamanic spiritual healing and energy clearing for your house and land.

Clairvoyant Services

Rainbow Card Readings

Clairvoyant Rainbow Card Readings - Get onto the best path available to you.

A clear and direct psychic reading, which brings understanding and helps you to the best soul path that is available to you right now.

The reading helps to give you the courage and confidence to take the steps needed. This helps with making positive changes and opening up to new possibilities within your life.

Personal Crystal Sets

Personal Crystal Sets - Tuned in crystal sets to help you with your healing and spiritual growth.

Through her clairvoyant gift and deep connection with crystals, Lyn will tune in to Source and create the perfect crystal set for you for healing and support.

Online Spiritual Gift And Crystal Shop

The Crystal Rainbow

Tall Aventurine Obelisk - The Crystal Rainbow

Each of our crystals and products have been tuned in to individually; Every description created from that is unique to that particular item. This is what makes our online shop special.
All our crystals and minerals are hand-picked by ourselves to guarantee high energy and quality, suitable for healing and energy purposes. They are individually photographed to ensure that you receive the product that is shown in the photo.
Enjoy Free shipping within urban New Zealand.

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Shamanic Healing & Clairvoyant Card Readings